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Would You Cut Up Your Credit Cards?

So I’m very fortunate in that I’m about to pay off all of my credit card debt. This will leave me with student loans and a mortgage (possibly a car payment in the future but that’s another post).

There are a lot of frugalistas who shout cut up your credit cards, but it’s a debate here. Many who advise cutting up credit cards say it’s so you don’t go into debt again. There’s a part of me that believes that if you are capable of going into debt again, you will find a way. I don’t think having a credit card will make the difference, it just makes it more convenient.

I do like credit cards for the fact that it puts a barrier between my bank accountant and most of my bills. For example, I do automatic bill pay but only from my online banking system, I don’t give anyone access to my bank account. I would rather leave my ATM/Debit card at home and only carry cash and an emergency credit card.

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It’s Sad That You Need a Sign Like This


We went camping this weekend, which was lots of fun – it was the first time in my life we ever went camping WITHOUT mosquitoes! We didn’t miss them at all!

I was at the beach and playground with some kids by the lake when I noticed this sign here:

It made me laugh, but also kind of worried that they would NEED a sign that tells people not to go hunting on a playground!


One of my friends recently shared with me two things she saw on the front page of

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Is Your Personal Brand All About You?

Ah, the day of love and frillyness is upon us but before you run out of the office, or underground lair in my case, to make those dinner reservations I want to take a second and reflect on your business, particularly if you’re building a brand around yourself. Are you giving your customers enough love, or is your brand all about you? When you’re on Twitter are you talking about you, or talking to them, when you talk about online learning is it about your experience or benefits for them? Are your blog posts lectures that show off your genius, or are they helpful and genuine? It’s a fine line, but one worth considering.

You And Your Brand Are Still Here For Them

I’m here for you, cliche as that sounds. My business exists to help you make building your business’s online presence easier. I do my best to make sure that every blog post is aimed at delivering true value to you. Every blog post helps you further your brand, clarify your marketing strategy, monetize your passions and seek a little more freedom out your professional life. To my readers, that’s “value.” Here it’s not the throw-away, corporate-speak version of “value.” Here it means every blog post actively aims at furthering your goals.

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Quit Smoking with the WordPress Support Group

Today is the first day of the rest of my life–as a non-smoker. Last week, I was puttering around wordpress-logo-stacked-rgb-1in the WordPress forums and came across the thread, “Who wants to quit smoking with me.” I hovered my mouse arrow over the title, contemplating the question. Do I want to quit? Yes. Do I need to quit? Yes. Am I ready to quit? Yes. Can I commit to quit? Um…yeah, maybe, no, yes. I clicked it.

It was mideavalmaiden, a blogging friend, and she was being reasonable. We can commit to “cut back in the near future.” It didn’t sound so bad. It was more of a plan to plan to quit smoking. I agreed.


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Throw My Bed Away!

The title means just what it says, “Throw my bed away”! I’m never asleep so you might as well. My motivation is far too high to let time go by sleeping. After all, time is money, so I can’t waste it.

I have to be the one to follow my own advice, so I can show you people that hard work will take you distant places. Even if I wanted too, sleeping isn’t an option. The fact is my brain runs like a hamster wheel.

Excuse me if I am a workaholic but, I want to secure my financial independence at an early age. I figure if you’re going to construct your own business, it’s best to go at it hard while you’re young. Below are reasons you should give your work 100 percent.

Respect When you have an all or nothing work ethic people can’t help but, notice it. Your work will speak for itself. A true hard working ethic can’t go un-noticed for too long. People will notice you for the determination you put into what you do. All the long days & sleepless nights you put in the extra work will pay off. Do not for a second think it won’t pay off. Continue reading

What’s Going On, On Mars

fafff7027ff0d95851f3bdcaadac6942Leonard David of seems to be on the uppity regarding some “buzz” about what’s going on off-world, namely on the world of Mars.  He reports that the buzz is related to some “provocative new news” regarding life on the planet.

Provocative enough to warrant alerting the White House to new evidence for the “potential for life,” as reported by Craig Covault AW&ST, and noted by David.

The potential for the life definition that is floating around the various mission control and analysis centers seems to be two-fold.

  • Are the basic building blocks of life existent, in a usable capacity, by some known organisms operating is such similar harsh conditions on Earth?

– Or –

  • Can we simply skip the building blocks all together and provide evidence that life did exist or does exist on Mars? The former being through fossilized remains or certain life proving signatures in the experiments.

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Hug a Friend Day

002-300x188Today is Hug a Friend Day. If you have school-aged children that aren’t pupils of a school that has banned hugging, your children might hug their friends every day. How often do you hug your friends?

The hugging itself isn’t the most important thing, obviously, but the act of treating our friendships and our children’s friendships with value and respect are important.
Parents and teachers worry a lot about peer pressure, and with good reason. Around middle school, our children tend to view what their friends think with more and more value, and we want those friendships to be “good influences.” Still, any parent who has referred to another child as an “influence,” good or bad, has most likely been met with an eye roll from their own child.

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